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To study and draw up the local rules and regulations related to the administration of land, mineral resources and survey and mapping; to draft the policies of the administration, protection, rational utilization of land and mineral resources and mineral resources and the policies of the administration of survey and mapping; according to law, to supervise the technical standards, rules and regulations concerning land and mineral resources and survey and mapping, and supervise their implementation, to formulate relevant rules for the implementation, and supervise their implementation...[More]
Measures of The General Administration of Customs Governing Inward And Outward Foreign Vessels, Goods for The Purpose of Chinese-foreign Cooperative Exploitation of Offshore Oil And Luggage Andarticle
Measures for Implementation on Maritime Administrative Punishments
Marine Environment Protection Law of The People''s Republic of China (1999)
Circular of the State Council Regarding Further Reform of the Administration of International Ocean Shipping Industry
Provisions of The People''s Republic of China concerning The Administration of Achievements in Survey And Drawing
Surveying and Mapping Law of the People''s Republic of China
Regulations on Administration of Geological Data
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